Friday, March 12, 2010

Northwest Quilter's Show

It's always nice to see familiar faces at quilt shows, and today was no exception. Many nice people came by the booth at the Northwest Quilters guild show today in Portland and more than a few bought copies of Quilt As You Go.
I continue to be amazed by all the new fabrics and the creative ways quilters find to use them. 
I drove in from Tillamook this morning and Lydia (my feline employer) traveled well, as we listened to a book on tape of her choice. The cat prefers male readers, would like a British accent if possible and leans toward action stories. We found a used copy of a David Baldacci story at Rainy Day Books in Tillamook so she was happy.
And for those of you who don't know about Lydia, she has proven more than once that she is willing to yowl for 75 miles if she either doesn't have a book, or doesn't like the selection.
One last random thought - did anyone else notice that Mohammar Quadaffi declared a jihad against Switzerland!
Switzerland? Really?
I'm just saying . . . 

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